Pierre Duclay began to play piano at the age of 5 years old. He is over 60 now and he, a few years ago, began to build his own skills to create his own style: piano latino trans-jazz. He just need to be known.All his experiences are various, from concertmaster for Yamaha France, pianist in a French cabaret in Washington DC, to concertmaster accompagnateur of French accordeonists, so many, that’s only an agent artist could describs properly. His life time is dedicated to music, to create his style, to perfect his play, to be an exceptional pianist and organist. His project is also to play with a batucada, as nobody did it before.

Pierre Duclay, Senior Research Scientist in MAO Computer Science and Information Technology through Music, he worked with Dave Bristow, the pope of FM programming on the iconic DX7 and still gives concerts on the ELX1 Yamaha. Fully committed to the cause of EastWest Hollywood orchestra that he synchronized in real time with his ELX1.