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It was the return to the Centre France the end of 1995 after five years of successful American experience. This region of France was full of accordionists of all kinds, classical, folk, diatonic, musette. After recording sixteen albums for Roger Sy, regional accordionist of Cosne sur Loire I met the team of “La Chance aux Chansons” Pascal Sevran, now deceased. so I worked with his bassist Laurent Delaveau in different formations. At the same time I opened my organ and piano improvement center which implemented my harmonic learning method based on block chords. I had become an accompanist at the national level, I was able to work with : Aimable, Christophe Demerson, Thibaut Colas, David Rivière, Ludovic Beier, André Verchuren, Marcel Azzola, Michel Pruvot etc… the latest is Jérome Richard, Honner demonstrator for Europe with whom I went back on tour in Canada and the Netherlands. During the remaining time I split some radio and TV callsigns my Sacem catalogue contains a hundred titles.

Currently I settled in Aubrac in North Aveyron (Graissac) in the farm that I restored with my friend Patricia Repellin; master of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. “La Fée sur la Colline®” where I continue to record on the theme of the bell towers of the region You know that bells produce sounds very rich in harmonics, that to me. allows you to compose from these bases. I started with the church of Bés-Bédène, an emblematic place; The album “Musiques Eternelles” was released in summer 2020 Every year, at the end of August, I receive pianists who are already playing very well to take them where they want to go. in their playing; This seminar is restricted to six people per session. One of the last concerts took place in Brommat (Carladez) in the open-air amphitheater. From 1643 to 1791 the County of Carladez passed under the domination of the Princes of Monaco: Honoré II de Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco, the tower of Mur de Barrez remains their property.

And especially my last baby is an amazing set… SAMBAZZ SONHO or how a piano with pedalboard can be heard in the middle a batucada that could parade in Rio!!! Eight musicians on stage and a groove on the façade to make a DJ pale our first album “Roller” was released two years ago, recorded at Colbert Alhambra Studios, available on Amazon. A second album is in preparation. Obviously I had to set up an ensemble myself because there is no such thing as a piano. with large bottom bracket. We have been working for seven years on this show that goes from Ultimo Dia to Césaria Evora

So what advice to give… Although we are “white” Americans and French there are big differences in civilization, I am referring to customs and usages The finesse of the language comes last You are newborns Music is the language of the heart, it is not articulated no lexicon, no grammar rules, leave in the closet what we have learned to live and listen to the moment no longer reasoning, letting go participate in opengigs and hold as long as possible It’s a great workout, absolute pitch helps well eat a Phillycheese steak go see Mr Trump in Atlantic-city……….. laughter